About us

When all you hear is the buzz of bees and croaking of frogs, the murmur of water and the rustle of grass, swaying in the forest-scented breeze, it’s the most relaxing sound imaginable. You can experience this everywhere at Dolidki ranch, a magical place whose charms can be enjoyed by visitors all year round.

Our cosy holiday ranch is located far from the noise of the city, at the edge of the small village of Gwieździn in Polish Pomerania. The building stands in extensive grounds surrounded by ponds, fields and meadows, isolated from the rush of civilisation by impressive swathes of trees.

The ranch offers rooms with beautiful views for holiday-makers seeking rest and relaxation. It also makes a perfect venue for an unforgettable wedding, or for corporate events and conferences, for which the whole site is available for hire.

The ranch is located close to the lakes of Krępsko and Szczytno, in an area of valuable natural landscapes – not only rich in natural ponds and lakes, but also offering rivers and forests that are ideal for active leisure pursuits, enjoyed in the bosom of nature. Long and short stays can also be enlivened by a visit to other exceptional local attractions.

Dolidki Ranch is the family home of the son of the hostess, Lidka. From childhood he eagerly helped his parents with the hard farm work, and always dreamed of turning his home into a holiday destination. Lidka’s family home was constantly filled with the chatter of smiling guests. Sleigh rides in wintertime, bonfires with sausages, and summer swims in the nearby lake are among the many attractions. Not forgetting the ranch’s special pancakes and teacakes, a tradition that guests always enjoy.

In 2016 he began to make his dream a reality. He decided to adapt his family home and its surrounding grounds into a holiday ranch. With help from his mother, sisters, friends and professionals, and his own determination, it was just a year later that he was able to welcome the first guests.

Holiday-makers always feel at home on the ranch. This is all thanks to Lidka, the hostess, who with her son’s encouragement took over the running of the establishment. The name Dolidki (“To Lidka”) is her son’s testament to her assistance and hard work. Her motherly love and devotion fill every corner of this enchanting place.