The enchanted mobile phone signal

2 June 2020

Dear Guests!

Dolidki Ranch is a magical place! Those who have already visited us need no reminder of this. Those with an interest in the ranch, looking at the posts and the photo gallery, will also no doubt feel the aura…

Here you can forget about everyday cares and worries! The magic also affects the network signal, causing difficulties in contacting us by phone.

Nevertheless, we have made sure that convenient ways are available to keep in touch with civilisation. There is free Wi-Fi for all guests at the ranch. There are also tried-and-tested spots where we are able to get a signal. So you can still call us with any questions.

When the magic takes over and the signal falters even there, we can still easily be contacted by e-mail, WhatsApp and Messenger, and via our website and Facebook fanpage. Remember that with Dolidki Ranch, everything is possible!

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